How to Act Sad

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There are a variety of reasons you may want to act sad. Maybe you just don't want to be disturbed, want time apart to reflect on past events, or just want to have your way. This article will teach you how to act as if you're sad.
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  1. Keep your eyelids low and make them look heavy, just like they would be if you were tired.
    Don't yawn though!

  2. Keep your mouth open.
    This will show that you are thinking really hard about something.

  3. Stare at empty space.
    Even if you're being spoken to, just ignore what the other person is saying and act as if you're not paying attention.

  4. Discourage conversation.
    If someone's talking to you, hint to them that you're not paying attention by saying stuff like "Huh," or "I dunno," or "What were you saying?".

  5. Touch/massage your face a lot as if you are washing your face.
    Don't keep your hands there for ages though, as that just looks pathetic. The best way to do it is cup your hands, bring them towards your face, close your eyes, touch your face (hands still cupped), push both hands outwards (towards your ears), then drag your hands down your face.

  6. Don't pay much attention to people or things.
    If someone walks into the room you're in, don't look at them or don't look that way. Make it look like you don't care if they come in or that you have better things to think about.




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